viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

My wish

It's been some time since I left the Green Island. And today, checking my profile pictures, I came accross that one of Lough Gur. I look back at that moment of my life and I can only describe it as total happiness, that is, Nirvana. Maybe I'll find something (let's dare to say) better in the future, who knows. But right now, that place and time will remain as my constant, my angular stone, the moment when I was totally happy and worryless.

I'd like to go back there and then, so badly. Not only then, but the whole time I was there. It was like being inside a huge bubble, no problems, no worries, just happiness, cool friends, great moments and many stories to remember afterwards. I'm out of that bubble now. And it hurts so much.

A "maxixan" (magician ;) ) may be able to put smoke into a bubble, and there it remains comfortably, until the bubble explodes. But once the smoke has gone out of that bubble, it's impossible to put it back there. It has spread and mixed up with the normal-and-standard-to-be air. It's over, forever. Everything is back to "normal", the smoke has lost its particular essence and has succumbed under the comforting-because-of-its-normality air nature, ceasing to be spontaneous, creative, exciting, cheerful and unique. The bubble is no longer there to remember the smoke who he used to be. And it hurts so much.

Please come back and surround me again, embrace me like you used to do with your green, wet but warm hands. Let me hear your sounds, smell your grass, see your heartstopping landscapes, touch your atlantic rocks and woods, fill my mouth with your water again. Heal me again, like you once did.

That's my wish for the next year yet to arrive.